The deadliest virus…

Cosmos Lux
3 min readApr 11, 2021


All around the world there have been viruses that has caused catastrophic sickness, pain and death. We currently are trying to deal with a very serious one as the world all knows, Covid-19.

There are probably some that say that this is the worst virus we have ever faced, but they are wrong. The deadliest virus has been around sense the evolution of man. Let me prove it.

The very definition of a virus is: A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.[1] Viruses infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. Basically a virus infects something, multiplies and continues so until there is a method found to stop it.

As soon as the evolution of man we have been infecting everything we touch. We take this world and start infecting it with pollution, sickness, plagues, and death. We multiply and take from the Earth all that we can find. We kill for fun, sport, or to acquire something that we don’t need to live. Some examples of this: we kill whales, sharks and other ocean life just so some rich person can sell it as a souvenir or “delicacy”. We hunt down elephants, rhino’s and other animals and leave them for dead just to get their horns, skins, etc.

We drill, mine, and crack into the earth for pretty stones, we throw our waste in the oceans, killing and polluting the waters and creatures living in them. We destroy whole forests and the creatures in it for wood, living space or other reasons because we the virus demand control and live on carnage and destruction and spreading it others, so the they can continue this cycle. We are never satisfied with what we can live on we always want more, so we infect it.

There are more subtle was we ( aka-the virus ) like to spread ourselves. Think about it for a sec. and you might see it. Religion, politics, social media, ads, etc. These are all ways that we get consumed by our very existence. Riots, fires, forcing opinions on people ( religion and politics ) so that we can have more. We are never full, we always want more. We want bigger and better so we go back to tearing down the Earth to get what we want, like the parasites we have become.

So many people say that doing these things is fine and does no harm, we are programed and brain washed or bought out not to care or investigate and report the real truth, because that would mean we would have to stop getting what we want and stop the rich from getting richer.

The Earth tries to warn us that what we do is killing us and itself in the process. The ozone layer is getting thinner, cause the ice to melt and increasing weather changes. No one wants to do anything about that or even admit it, cause we are greedy, selfish, and won’t stop till we are destroyed, after all that is a virus’s main objective.

I know if I had the money I would do my best to cleanse the Earth, to try and reverse or slow down some of this carnage we cause to it. It’s sad that there are people that could help with there million’s or billion’s of money but then they would have to give away something they want, power and fame and fans.

We all know that this is true, but none of us are willing to admit it, or are bought out to not to. We love what we can get but don’t want to see what it takes to get it. We will consume this world until its gone or we find another one to infect. We are sheep in a world of power hungry wolves, and we accept it.



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